Sitemap - 2020 - CODEPINK’s Newsletter

Episode 71: Hybrid War on Venezuela and Latin American Policy

Episode 70: Planting seeds of Peace

Episode 69: Yemeni Storytelling as Resistance (December 17, 2020)

Episode 68: Understanding the Military Industrial Complex

Episode 67: Guatemala Protests and Elections in Venezuela

Episode 66: China is Not Our Enemy: Feminism Not Militarism (November 26, 2020)

Episode 65: Palestinian women as a threat to Israel and feminist foreign policy as we go into the Trump administration

Episode 64: From France to California, Let's Divest BlackRock!

Episode 63: People's power triumphs in South America

Episode 62: China Is Not Our Enemy: Building bridges of peace plus insight on Bolivia's recent election

Episode 61: How Saudi Arabia oppresses and holds women captive and a Conversation with Dr. James Zogby

Episode 60: Divest from BlackRock & Defund the Pentagon

Episode 59: Cuban Doctors speak with Vijay Prashad and Danny Glover

Episode 58: China is Not Our Enemy: A Conversation with the Qiao Collective

Episode 57: Is Trump really an anti-war candidate? A discussion with two generals.

How can you Divest from War?

Episode 55: Unforgetting US Imperialism: El Salvador and Nicaragua

Episode 54: Foreign Policy with CODEPINK

Episode 53: Palestine with Manal Tamimi and China is Not Our Enemy with Vijay Prashad

Episode 52: Taking on the Military Industrial Complex

Cuba and Haiti: The Human Spirit of the Caribbean

China Is Not Our Enemy: Honoring Hiroshima and Nagasaki of 1934 - How To Stop The Next Cold War

The DNC, Palestine, & The Rise of MbS in Saudi Arabia

Episode 48: What's going on in Portland?

Episode 47: COVID-19 & Cuba's International Medical Brigade

Episode 46: Defunding the War & Police, A Conversation with Netfa Freeman and Senator Nina Turner

Episode 45: The Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen

Episode 44: Divestment of Pentagon and Police

Episode 43: Nobel Peace Prize for Cuban Doctors!

Episode 42: #BlackLivesMatter - How To Be A White Ally

Episode 41: #BlackLivesMatter

Episode 40: Student Debt and the Poor People's Campaign

Episode 39: Military, Congressional, Industrial Complex: Tips & Tricks / A Conversation with Gareth Porter

Episode 38 - BlackRock: Divest from War

Episode 37 - Healthcare Not Warfare

Episode 36 - CODEPINK's New Good Neighbor Policy

Episode 35 - Cuba's Response to the Pandemic

Episode 34 - In Conversations with National Priorities Project and Just World Educational

Episode 33 - How to Cultivate a Local Peace Economy During Coronavirus

Episode 32 - The Iraq War Anniversary and the Founding of CODEPINK

Episode 31 - Sanctions as Warfare and The Gaza Flotilla

Episode 30 - U.S./Mexico Border, Immigration, and More!

Episode 29 - Iranian Student Ban & Julian Assange

Episode 28 - Afghanistan Elections and Travel to Iran with CODEPINK

Episode 27 - Are Economic Sanctions Warfare?

Episode 26 - CODEPINK Updates from DC

Episode 25 - Israeli "Peace Plan" and Iraq

Episode 24: Poor People's Campaign & Jan. 25 Global Day of Action

Episode 23: Iran, Palestine, and the International Criminal Court!

Episode 22 - Iran and Latin America With Paki Wieland

Episode 21: 18 Years of Torture in Gitmo with Paki Wieland