Sitemap - 2021 - CODEPINK’s Newsletter

Episode 124: A PINK year in review

Episode 123: No War On China: Casualties and Environmental Cost of U.S. Militarism in the Asia-Pacific

WATCH: Women For Peace's WTF is Going on in Latin America & the Caribbean: Honduras Elects a New Future

Episode 122: Cut the Pentagon, Fund the Planet!

Russia, China and Our Endless Cold (And Hot) Wars

Episode 121: Honduras ends a narcodictatorship and Barbados ditches the queen

Great Power Competition in Latin America: The Cuba Connection

The High Stakes of the U.S.-Russia Confrontation Over Ukraine

Episode 120: No War On China: Ending U.S. Aggression & Militarism in the Asia-Pacific

Five Reasons The Left Won in Venezuela

Episode 119: Voices From COP26 to the Arctic!

Episode 118: The Spoils of War, a conversation with Author Andrew Cockburn

Cubans More Excited About School Reopening Than Regime Change

Episode 117: US-backed protests in Cuba & Elections in Nicaragua

Episode 116: Resisting the U.S. War On China: From Guam & the CNMI to India

Episode 115: Weapons Sales 101 with Jeff Abramson

Episode 114: Stop Haitian Deportations & Link Militarism to the Climate Crisis.

Episode 113: Sanctions on Venezuela: The Portugal Novo Banco case, and Venezuela's Anti-blockade Law

Episode 112: Serve the People: China is Not Our Enemy

Episode 111: Climate Strike, Military Budget & Afghanistan Relief.

Episode 110: Exposing the War Profiteers with David Moore

Episode 109: Sanctions and Hybrid War on Nicaragua

Episode 108: The US's Forever Wars: From Afghanistan to China

Episode 107: Saudi Arabia's Prisoners of Conscience and Blockade of Yemen

Episode 106: The Power of the Congressional Progressive Caucus & the Link Between Militarism and the Climate Crisis.

Episode 105: Afghanistan: Who’s to Blame and What Next?

Special Episode on Afghanistan

Episode 104: Blockade on Cuba and Dialogue in Venezuela

Episode 103: Empire, Racism, & Propaganda: Preventing the US's War on China

Episode 102: Gaza Fights for Freedom & Middle East Interventionism

Episode 101: New Nuclear Weapons; Selective Service; Rape in the US military.

Episode 100: An assassination in Haiti and protests in Cuba

America’s Afghan War Is Over, So What About Iraq – and Iran?

Carlos Lazo: The Cuban American Leading the Charge to Transform U.S.-Cuba Policy


Episode 99: The Inflated Threat of China: Fuel for the U.S. War Economy

Episode 98: Women & Afghanistan, Biden's New Nukes & Sanctions as Warfare

Episode 97: Deep Dive into Wasteful Pentagon Spending

Episode 96: Juneteenth

Episode 95: VP Harris in Mexico and Elections in Peru

Episode 94: China Is Not Our Enemy!

Episode 93: Stop US Support for Saudi Arabia

Episode 92: In Defense of Whistleblowers and Journalists

Episode 91: Coup in El Salvador & Massacres in Colombia

Episode 90: Yellow Peril & the U.S.’s Maligning of China

Episode 89: Yemen: Famine and Future

Episode 88: Closing Overseas Bases & Guantanamo Prison

Episode 87: Climate Crisis & Militarism and Elections in Ecuador


Episode 85: Putting the Cold War on Trial!


Episode 83: Sanctions on Nicaragua and Colombia's role in the hybrid war on Venezuela

Episode 82: Eradicating Poverty: What's Imperialism Got to Do With It?!

Episode 81: Tell Congress to Support Palestinian Rights

Episode 80: From Europe to Alabama, we're taking on the war machine!

Episode 79: Santions on Venezuela and Unrest in Haiti

Episode 78: China Is Not Our Enemy - White Supremacy and Censorship

Episode 77: The Global Day of Action for Yemen: How We Can Move Forward

Episode 76: Women taking on the War Machine!

Episode 75: Biden policy towards Colombia and El Salvador

Episode 74: China is Not Our Enemy: No Cold War!

Episode 73: Beyond the War: Yemeni Futurism with Alia Ali

Episode 72: Introducing the Peace Collective: How do we take on the MIC?