Sitemap - 2022 - CODEPINK’s Newsletter

Episode 176: This Year in Divesting from the War Machine

Amid Community Outrage, Navy Must Release Toxic-Foam Video

The Ukraine Crisis Is a Classic “Security Dilemma”

The Ukraine Crisis Is a Classic “Security Dilemma”

Lawfare: Weaponizing law to undermine democracy in Argentina and Peru

Amid community outrage, Navy must release toxic-foam video

10 Surprisingly Good Things That Happened in 2022

10 Surprisingly Good Things That Happened in 2022

Lawyers Demand Cuba be taken off State Sponsor of Terrorism List

Episode 175: Lawfare-The Case of Argentina and Peru

Controversy Over an Activist’s Award Reflects the Challenges of Bringing Peace to Korea

The $858 Defense Bill: Money for War, Not The Poor

Episode 174: Transnational Feminist Scholarship and Organizing

What The Pentagon Doesn't Want You to Know about China

There Is No "Peacetime" in Palestine

San Francisco Police Department Says NO to Killer Robots

Episode 173: Report Back from U.S. Working Class Youth Brigade to Cuba

War Is Not Green at American University: Student-Led Teach-In Recap

Eight Reasons Why Now Is a Good Time for a Ukraine Ceasefire and Peace Talks

Paying for an Overheating Earth

Letter to the Left on Ukraine

Episode 172: On the Ground at COP27: A Roundup

Book Presentation: War in Ukraine

Episode 171: The Midterms & US Foreign Policy

CODEPINK Turns 20!

Episode 170: Solidarity with Cuba, Opposition to NATO & Cheers for The Golden Rule Sailboat

Congressional Amendment Opens Floodgates for War Profiteers and a Major Ground War on Russia

Episode 169: COP27 in a Police State

What's Wrong with COP27?

Episode 168: The Impending U.S Invasion of Haiti

The Hope of A Comeback of Democracy in Brazil

The Growing Chorus for Peace in Ukraine

Episode 167: Report Back From Palestine: Young Palestinian Voices

Episode 166: End the War in Ukraine & Avert Nuclear Catastrophe

Nuclear Extortion? Abolish Nuclear Weapons

Biden’s Broken Promise to Avoid War with Russia May Kill Us All

Episode 165: Disrupting Debt, Defusing Nukes

Episode 164: Celebrating Indigenous Voices

Can We Talk about The War in Ukraine and Give It Broader Context?

Stand with the Women of Iran

Episode 163: What's happening with Afghanistan's funds?

Is This What The World Needs: Weapons Deals During the Climate Crisis in Pakistan?

Episode 162: Drones, Espionage, & Whistleblowers

No, MAGA Republicans Are Not Anti-War Allies

Episode 161: Ukraine: Role-Playing Peace Conversations & Challenging Post-Soviet Privatization

Peace in Ukraine Is Not Unattainable But We Have to Demand It

Episode 160: Climate Emergency in Pakistan, Airstrikes on Civilians in Iraq

The People of Pakistan Are Paying The Price For Our Ignorance

The Missing ‘Peace’ in $13.5 Billion of Military Aid to Ukraine

Episode 159: The Foreign Policy of Lawfare and Aggression

Lost Yet Connected in Time: Brown, Peltier, Melaku-Bello, Abu-Jamal, and Assange

Episode 158: War Resisters on Ukraine, Assange & Pelosi

Gaza: New Killings, Old Narratives

Episode 157: Remembering the Dahyan Massacre

How Militarism Fuels the Climate Crisis and What We Can Do About It

Episode 156: Militarism and the Climate Crisis

Kansas Won. Women Won.

Episode 155: Divesting from Harm in 2022

What Does “Nuclear Modernization” Actually Mean?

Episode 154: Friends and Enemies

What's Exciting About Where Mexico Is Headed?

Episode 153: A Blueprint for Organizing from Young Organizers

Episode 152: No to NATO Protest in Madrid

What would Joe Biden NOT Do If He Cared About Press Freedom?

NATO and a War Foretold

Episode 151: Queer Liberation Means Decriminalization, Demilitarization, Decolonization.

Episode 150: Mass Poor People's and Low Wage Workers' Assembly 2022

What Are The Big Changes in Ecuador and Colombia?

NATO: What’s Wrong With It?

Episode 149: Latest on Cuba sanctions & Pan-Africanism in the Americas

The People’s Summit: A Recap

​Episode 148: The People's Summit & Chomsky on Ukraine

Building People Power from Coast to Coast

Episode 147: Building People Power from Coast to Coast

Ten Domestic Injustices Worsened by War

Elections in Colombia and The Progressive Wave in Latin America

Episode 146: Finding the Truth in the Fog of War and How War-mongering Now Includes a Nuclear War

Episode 145: Esper on Venezuela and the People's Summit

Finding the Truth in the Fog of War

Episode 144: Ukraine, Negotiation, Not Escalation in the Nuclear Shadow

We Have More in Common With Cuba Than We Think

Episode 143: A Youth Delegation to Cuba and Biden's Proposed Military Budget

Episode 142: The urgency of the Julian Assange case and the crisis of press freedom

How Could the U.S. Help to Bring Peace to Ukraine?

The Future of Gen Z Journalism Depends on Julian Assange’s Freedom

Afghanistan: Report Back from Women’s Peace Delegation

Episode 141: No War, No Warming

Episode 140: Challenging the US Narrative on Mexico & Stop the War in Ukraine Online Rally

From Mosul to Raqqa to Mariupol, Killing Civilians is a Crime

Episode 139: Ukraine: Prospects for Peace & Palestine: Attacks on Human Rights Activists.

Stop the War in Ukraine - Online Rally

A Negotiated Settlement of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict?

Episode 138: Ukraine & Yemen: Similarities & Differences

How the U.S. Started a Cold War with Russia and Left Ukraine to Fight It

The People of Yemen Suffer Atrocities, Too

Episode 137: U.S. Media Censorship of Voices for Peace

Episode 136: US-Venezuela relations & elections in Colombia

Episode 135: The Russia-Ukraine War & the Imperative of Organizing for Peace

Episode 134: No War in Ukraine!

Episode 133: The Taiwan Question and US COMPETITION

Episode 132: Reinvest in a Just World

Episode 131: Elections in Costa Rica and how sanctions affect Cuban entrepreneurs

Episode 130: No War with Russia over Ukraine and Biden, Year One, What Has He Done?

Episode 129: Myths of the Arms Trade & Ethnic Cleansing in Palestine

Episode 128: A Closer Look at China in Africa

Special Episode: Is the U.S. going to war with Russia over Ukraine?

Episode 127: #CancelStudentDebt & #CutThePentagon

Episode 126: Free Alex Saab & Abolish the OAS

Episode 125: Our CODEPINK Wish List for 2022