Sitemap - 2023 - CODEPINK’s Newsletter

10 Things that Give us HOPE for 2024

Right-Wing Extremism and The Cold War Go Hand-In-Hand

Unmasking Media Complicity: The Urgent Call for Truth in Gaza

Ret. Col. Ann Wright Unmasks the Truth in Arms Transfer Debate

Five Craziest Moments From Kurt Campbell’s Senate Nomination Hearing

Activists for a Ceasefire Continue to Keep Pressure on Senators

Kurt Campbell: A China Warmonger in Diplomat Clothes

Traveling to Prove China Is Not Our Enemy

The International Community Can and Should Charge Israel With War Crimes

Reflections from November 4th’s March on Washington: Free Palestine

An Isolated US Backs Israeli Atrocities in Gaza

We Need to Disarm the Discourse on China

None of the 14 Navy Officers Named in Red Hill Toxic Fuel Spill Disaster Were Fired, Suspended, Had Pay Docked or Reduced in Rank

Is Peace Un-American?

Rallying with Dr. Cornel West to Challenge Democrats & Bernie Sanders

Bernie: Are you really in support of another endless war?

Global Leaders Plead for Peace in Ukraine at UN

Manufacturing (and Massaging) Consent at the New York Times

The Hypocrisy of the US’ Proxy War with Russia

Is the Pentagon the Elephant in the Climate Activist Room?

Is CIA Director Bill Burns a Biden Yes-Man, a Putin Apologist, or a Peacemaker?

A Visit to Jenin Shows the Consequences of Performative US Policies

Peace in Ukraine Will Only Happen at a Negotiating Table, Not on the Battlefield

Learning from Venezuela

U.S.-Backed Roll of the Dice Leaves Ukraine in Worse Crisis

When did ideas of peace emerge in Chinese history?

Solidarity in a time of McCarthyism

“This is a dangerous step!!” CODEPINK’s Statement on the Appointment of Victoria Nuland to Acting Under Secretary of State

Religious Leaders Support Pope Francis’ Message: Ceasefire in Ukraine

Knives Are Out Again For Advocates Of Peace On The Korean Peninsula

The Movie and the Moment

July: A Month of Anti-imperialism struggles across the Americas

CODEPINK Condemns Biden’s Authorization to Deploy More Reservists to Europe

NATO is a Warfare Alliance and Should Be Dissolved

Stop Biden From Sending Cluster Bombs to Ukraine

Peace In His Lifetime

CODEPINK Condemns Biden’s Decision to Send Cluster Bombs to Ukraine

CODEPINK Condemns Biden's Nomination of Elliott Abrams to U.S Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy

Impressions from a Visit to Western Ukraine

Independence, The American Way

Three Activists Arrested After Taking Over the Corrupt Senator Menendez’s Office

No Pride in War: Queer Liberation and the Anti-War Movement

In Love and Honor of Daniel Ellsberg

What Birthright Trip Brochures Don’t Tell You

The Crook on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Vienna’s International Summit for Peace in Ukraine Issues a Global Call for Action

Peace Talks in Vienna Continue As Scheduled Despite Pro-War Opposition

The US Is Punishing Cuba to Send a Message to the Whole World

Why There Should Be A Treaty Against the Use of Weaponized Drones

When Will US Join Global Call to End Ukraine War?

CODEPINK Condemns the Violent Protesters at Medea Benjamin's Ukraine Book Tour Event in Minneapolis

The Numbers BlackRock Won’t Crunch CODEPINK

The Story of a Jersey

The U.S. provoked Russia in Ukraine, but don't just take my word..

The Elephant in the Park

Can you fight for climate justice without being antiwar?

Join me on Notes

Every 11th Has Its 13th: It’s Time To Dismantle Monroe Doctrine Politics

Democracy or Apartheid? You Can’t Have Both, Israel.

Seattle Bookstore and Church Cancels Peace Talk about War in Ukraine

The Tragic U.S. Choice to Prioritize War Over Peacemaking

US War Planners Court China’s Neighbors: What Would Buddha Say?

The Sound of the New War Drum Goes Tik-Tok

Blackrock’s Fink Again Passes the Buck on War Crimes and Climate Collapse in Annual Letter

CODEPINK Statement on Biden’s Defense Budget Proposal

The US Supreme Court Is Putting Israel’s Interests Before the First Amendment

Women Don’t Let Women Drive War: Feminists Say Fire Nuland

Sorry to Bother You But People Are Dying!

Why Did Biden Snub China’s Ukraine Peace Plan?

While We Laugh about a Balloon, Biden Paves Path to War

Who’s winning and losing the economic war over Ukraine?

10 Ways the War in Ukraine Threatens our Environment

How Spin and Lies Fuel a Bloody War of Attrition in Ukraine

Honoring the victims in Peru Solidarity Actions in DC

Solidarity is a verb

Who are the real domestic terrorists?

CODEPINK’s Statement on the killing of Tortuguita by Atlanta Police

Episode 180: Cost of War in Conversation

What Can the United States Bring to the Peace Table for Ukraine?

What Can the United States Bring to the Peace Table for Ukraine?

CODEPINK Outside The House

Six Reasons Why Biden Must Sign The Nuclear Ban Treaty

Episode 179: The F-35 Nightmare

10 Ways that the Climate Crisis and Militarism are Intertwined

Episode 178: Onwards to Multipolarity

Nationalism vs. Regionalism: A Review of “The Tragedy of Ukraine” by Nicolai Petro

Episode 177: Ceasefire in Ukraine!

Can NATO and the Pentagon Find a Diplomatic Off-Ramp From the Ukraine War?

Decry the Merchants of Death